FILMMAKER - FEMINIST - I spent most of my childhood writing. Writing stories and journals about my life and experiences. At 14 I wanted to be a photography that where I learned to tell stories through images. It was soon after I realized I could merge the two forms of storytelling, both writing and photography. And that was through moviemaking. I founded FEMCINEMA PRODUCTIONS
in order to bring awareness concerning social and gender issues

love and peace MM
Lives in San Francisco, California

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NAZI Girls from Mercedes on Vimeo.


Check it out Nazi girls gone wild, Lesbian Sex Video & The Sexiest Naked Girls Online haha lol.

Nazi Girl’s
Video by Mercedes - Featuring Soma and Mercedes
Camera T2I - Music Kai Kumpulainen’s version of “Ride of the Valkyries

So Serious from cinema by moses on Vimeo.


A Batman themed video

Featuring MERCEDES

Music sample: A Dark Knight remix by Flying Killer Pandas

Video by Moses

primitive urges from Mercedes on Vimeo.

Primitive Urges

A Experimental Video by Mercedes - Featuring Moses
Camera T2I - Music Sample by Bonobo “Sleepy Seven”

Humans are animals with inborn biological “drives” for sex and aggression.
Every person is subject to unconscious mental processes that are capable of influencing behavior.
Freud changed the view of human nature from that of a rational being to a complex animal of primitive urges, desires and emotional preferences barely kept under control by peer pressure and the repression of society.

A Charlie Chaplin theme video shoot

A video by ME (Mercedes)

One of my Favorite / Inspirational person Charlie Chaplin A -Composer-Actor -Writer-Director-Producer 
I want to do it all until i die like Chaplin, Lewis, Welles Ext… A egomaniac

"We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness — not by each other’s misery." - Charles Spencer Chaplin

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